Quick Tune


Bring in your bike on your way to work, school or on a break from your ride. We'll lube your chain, check and fill your tires, check your brakes, wash and clean up your bike and send you on your way! Our fastest way to keep riding.

Standard Tune


The Standard Tune Up is recommended at least twice per year. We adjust your shifting, braking, clean and lube the chain, adjust bearings, wipe your bike down, true the wheels, adjust the rear derailleur and cable tension, check the bolt torque and make sure that your bike is safe to ride. During the Standard Tune, we'll also check your brake pads and do a complete check of your bike - we'll give you a call if anything looks like it needs to be replaced or fixed and help you in that process.

Parts and accessories are extra.

Complete Overhaul


The Complete Overhaul is designed to make your bike look and feel like new again. It includes all services plus complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of every component. We recommend the Overhaul once every year or two.

a La Carte

service fees only

Flat Fix $10 | Tire Install $12 | Bike Wash & Lube $25 | Brake or Shift Adjustment $15 | Brake Bleed $25 each + cost of fuel | Wheel True $15-$30 | Spoke Replace $25 | Tubeless Tire Install $25 + cost of sealant | Fork/Suspension Service | Wrap Handlebars $20-$30 | Install Chain or Cassette $10 |

Replace External Cable $15 | Replace Internal Cable $20 |Replace ALL Cables and Housing $50-$70 |

Derailleur Install $15 | Derailleur Hanger Alignment $25 | Drivetrain Cleaning $20 | Hub Service $30 + parts |Wheel Build $100 | Pro Build $300 | Unpack + Assemble $65 and Up